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Odd vibration top gear only

expat2000 Oct 26, 2013

  1. expat2000

    expat2000 Member


    I have a 98 A4 Avant Tdi Automatic.

    Just bought it so bit paranoid.

    Yesterday evening seemed to be hesitating a bit but didn't pay it any mind.

    Today went out and seems to have developed the folioing problem.
    Driving at 60-70kph engine revs about 1600-2300 it stutters/judders. Almost like driving over a cattle grid but not as severe and felt through the car rather than just through the steering wheel. Tried to identify if its at a specific speed or revs but doesn't seem to fixed to one specific. One thing I did find that if I put the auto selector in 3rd the problem disappears. Also it only happens when gently accelerating, coasting down through the speed/rev range and it doesn't do it.

    No warning lamps on the dash.

    Quick look under the engine and can't see anything obvious leaking.

    Got no history with the car so no idea on when the oil/filters were last changed, the exterior of the filters look ok so not too old..

    So several things have sprung to mind after digging on the net for more details:

    Fuel problem?
    Auto box problem?
    Wheel balance/tracking?

    Looking at the Haynes there's no dipstick on the auto box?? How do you check the auto box oil level?

    Tempted to change the fuel filter and check the auto box level first off to see if that helps.

    One question regarding checking the auto box as it has an overflow is it OK just to fill it until it overflows rather than under fill? Would I be better to completely empty/change it rather than just top up?

    All work needs to be done at home by me as workshop cost here in Norway is mental, I am pretty competent but not had a VAG before so some things I am finding oddly laid out.

    So advice/pointers/discuss.


  2. expat2000

    expat2000 Member

    Forgot to mention, juddering only lasts about 1 second, maybe 6 to 7 judders then its gone but it happens repeatedly ever time you roll the throttle back on.


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