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Odd vibration sensation through steering and floor

A4CAB Mar 15, 2010

  1. A4CAB

    A4CAB Member

    Odd vibration sensation at motorway speeds, had the wheels rebalanced and no change, they rebalanced them again and still not difference. It is a noticeable first thing in the morning at normal rural speeds the later on the motorway, sometime feels like you have a flat then when warmed up it seems to stop !. I have only had the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asym on for 1,500 miles so hope it is not a dodgy set, the other set were fine.

    Any ideas ?

    Booking it in for Audi to check.
  2. SunnyDlite

    SunnyDlite Six speed Shimano

    Had a similar prob a little while back but it was due 2 the fact that my tyres were shot to sh*t
    new alloys and tyres and the prob is gone
    not suggesting u do the same and get new rims but thought u might find it helpful it was due to the wheels and nothing else

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