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odd tuning question???

hughjass Jun 13, 2013

  1. hughjass

    hughjass Is there somefin in my teef?

    Hi guysI have a a6 c5 2.7t petrol biturbo.It has a pipercross panel filter and 2 x forged alli bovs.Now, I had a re-map with a mobile tuner and like a muppet didnt keep the receipt and as i chose ramdomly on the tinternet cannot remember who did it. lol.The stage 1 map was done and the guy emailed the map to be upgraded while I waited took approx 3/4 hr.My car is auto 5 speed with tiptronic,sportmode and buttons on steering wheel.In comparison to standard it flys in sport mode and the tiniest of throttle the car wants to take off.In drive seems as before until you boot it but mpg is the same as standar on short journeys (190 - 200 miles to a tank full).In sport mode is getting approx 230 miles to a tank full. !!!Does a map only cover sport mode or normally would it be a generic map for all modes?If I am getting the best of the best just in sport it is obviously very ok.I could do with a a6 owner whos had a tune to give my car a good thrashing and give an opinion :)
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