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Odd noise from only one side on hard cornering

Jason.s Apr 12, 2012

  1. Jason.s

    Jason.s Active Member

    Last few weeks i`ve noticed a whirring/droning sound from the front left on hard right hand corners. Its perfectly silent on normal driving whether it be cornering or driving straight. Thinking it could be the cheap euros wheel bearing i put in when the wheel came off last year. Could that be the issue? Possibly hasnt completely let go yet but the added strain from fast cornering and bigger weight shift to that corner could be showing up a weakness of sorts?

    Looked across the net and it varies from outer tyre block noise, wheel bearings or dried up cv joints. Theres no splits or visable leakage from the cv boot. Tyres arent that old and have never done it plus its only one side so cant be that plus i`ve never had it happen on previous cars so its only pointing to that one thing?

    Plus the cheap Euros bearings are a bit prone to failure so i`ve heard.

    Any other ideas or am i right in thinking its the bearing?
  2. Turbo unit

    Turbo unit Member

    would say wheel bearing but if the noise is only happening on corners then i would go with cv joint not a hard job just a messy 1
  3. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    my old FWD had a dodgy bearing that only made noise on cornering and only around 50mph.

    You'd get a wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa noise when going round corners in one direction, and it'd go away when you streightened up again.

    I suspect it would have got worse had i ignored it, but i had the hubs off doing the arms so i just nailed two new bearings in.
  4. Jason.s

    Jason.s Active Member

    Yep pretty much exactly that^!

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