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Obvious quick couple of questions

oat Apr 16, 2009

  1. oat

    oat Member

    Tried searching but the search option on here sucks (30 seconds between each search etc).

    Anyway just trying to find the answers to the following before going to look at the car I've left a deposit on:

    How do you check how many miles left until the next service is due?
    Were there any recalls to facelifted S3's?

    Many thanks
  2. Andy_S3

    Andy_S3 Member

    For the service off the top of my head I think you press the left button on the speedo display with the engine running but stationary. Or check the service book :whistle2:
  3. WildBruce

    WildBruce Third Gear

    Push the button on the clock, while the engine is running, but the car is not moving. It will then display what you need. If you do it while you are driving, it will activate the speed warning, which is effing annoying if you set it at 10 MPh.

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