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Obama Wins - YAY!!!

Siena Nov 5, 2008

  1. Siena

    Siena Active Member

  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Yep, i'm quite pleased about that, but can you imagine the mood in some of the redneck regions of america right now!?

    Methinks Obama might need to wear a bulletproof vest for a while!
  3. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    If his election means the price of B5 parts comes down, then i'm all for it.

    Otherwise i'm indifferent.
  4. Nogwuy

    Nogwuy Member

    good news i say, although not as stupidly amusing as george w!

    ALPINE Yes its diesel, now cry u lost

    i aint a yank so dont really give a .....

    but any thing has to be better than bush i suppose!
  6. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    You cant beat a bit of bush!! ;)

    Oh sorry i thought you were slating the other type of bush...lol

    Congrats to Obama, lets see what difference he can make to the world.
  7. Z82

    Z82 Member

    Im in two minds about this, I did want him to win but the Americans are funny buggers and I recon he is in for a very rough ride.
  8. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    As much as you can bash Bush, you have to think what he had the responsibility to do come 9/12, any president would have had to do something most likely the same, as 300 million people were looking to him for action, thing as the americans are funny as Z8 says, if he hadnt acted they would have given him ***** & now he has acted they gave him *****, he couldnt win either way

    Bush was so well known for his Gaffs, I mean & no this isnt racist but he actually referred to the people of pakistan as The Paki's, seriously I watched his speech.

    In his shoes I would have gone to war, he had no choice no matter which way you cut it.

    But Obama I dont trust, I watch american news fair bit & he has changed his declarations more times than..........the old saying.

    But one thing is for sure, he is definitely a target, they've already stopped 2 attempts on his life, now I fear it wont be the last considering the small minded people there are in the US

    It will be quite an amazing thing if the 1st black president actually does a better job than any of the white ones, for me black/white/yellow/brown/pink whatever its not the colour that matters its what they do for the people is important, but if he fecks this up it will put things back a long way.

    Good luck to him, hope he's not a promise the earth deliver nothing politician as they all seem to be.

    ALPINE Yes its diesel, now cry u lost

    1 question... why do yanky prime ministers (yes i didnt write president) think its role to rule the world. thats what i dont understand. you are the guvna of the usa.. not every 1 else. yes i understand that the usa is the most powerfull place on the planet. but i ask you this?? are they not skint and in more debt than any 1 else?

    I think there all brain washed idiots tbh. preach there lives away and expect miricals every day! Whos are the people in power.. hmmm maybe the arabs?? the control the majority of the worlds oil, aka every 1s resorces. Dunno but i think the uk is trying to be to much like the yanks, in respect of no taking responcabilaty any more. Look at the credit crunch 4 EG.

    Sod obama, sod bush and sod the yanks!! bout time the uk grew some ******** and ran its self again!

    EDIT: im watching the news now and i cant beleve all this hype is because of color/race. As far as im aware the uk has been relativly equal on color and race for years, just coz the yanks are years behind on us when it comes to skin color. WTF do they think just coz hes black its going to change the way UK is. dont get me wrong IM NOT RACIST in no matter at all, but aint all this a bit childish and OTT???? so what a black man got into the white house?? what he gonna do... call it the ethnicly balenced house now?? its just another dude in my eyes. Stop going on about ethnic rights, do ya job, and fix what bush f**ked up!
  10. ChriS3

    ChriS3 hud at ye bam

    We went to Iraq because of that nutter and Blair. We didn't need to but everyone listened to his **** and convinced themsleves. Don't forget all the reasons we went there are now void. WMD????

    Bush was one of the worst presidents in history and before 9/11 his ratings were the worst ever. He had f*cked up his economy before 9/11 and going to war managed to distract attention from that and make people forget.

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