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  1. Just wondered if anyone has got or tried one of these yet?

    Havent been impressed with previous XDAs, for much the same reason as my HX4700 doesnt get masses of use, despite being pretty good - its all about the keyboard!

    This one however looks the dogs in terms of kb functionality.. and would avoid the current combination of bluetooth keyboard / hx4700 / nokia 6230i for when I'm out and about (a lot)

    I like the idea of the integrated keyboard, despite the bulk.. have a tomtom so not looking for it to do satnav, I Do run exchange 2k3 so direct activesync is possible wthout going through the PC..

    However I also get through my 800mins call allowance every month, so it needs to be good for calls, and MUST work with a B/T car kit.. The nokia is great at this side of things..

    concerned about battery life too.


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