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Number Plate lights

adamgroves Apr 4, 2007

  1. adamgroves

    adamgroves Member

    Got home from work last night around 17:30.

    22:00 my neigbour knocks on the door to say that my number plate lights are on and some of the dash is lit up. Went outside and yes the numberplate lights were on, the climate control was lit up but very dim and my nokia bluetooth carkit was on.

    Turned the ignition on and off and the numberplate and climate lights went off but the car kit didn't. Started the car and then turned it off, locked the car and everything was now off.

    Anybody got any ideas what this could be.

    One thing to note at the moment i have an engine management light on due to a fuelling problem..... something about "system too lean"
  2. Tooks

    Tooks Active Member

    Hi mate,

    Is the Nokia carkit 'hardwired' into the car? If so, could it be that malfunctioning and sending signals back down the wiring? Is your A3 a part CAN-BUS car do you know?

    Another thing worth checking is the connections on the number plate lights. On a BMW I had, the water had got behind the covers and eaten into the terminals causing a short and the car did some very strange things electrically!

    Might be worth checking the earth points as well, especially if the car kit has been connected to one or more of them somewhere.

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