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Number plate light.

StateOfPlay Oct 4, 2011

  1. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Well-Known Member

    Beep thingy went off when I started car to say check number plate bulb, and one of the number plate light units is missing.

    Looking for a replacement, nearly got conned into paying £5 for a text to some parts supplier company.

    Anyway, all I can find is this:

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplacenyone know where I can just get a normal replacement?
  2. alpesh26

    alpesh26 Active Member TeamMisano

    Your local scrappy (failing that te stealers, I think it's about £7 each for a new unit) might be best for this. I think the light unit from the b6 is the same. Make sure you get the correct one because the part numbers are different for the left and right units (one ends with A and the other with B)

    The led ones on eBay would also work but MAY throw errors on the dis, depends on how sensitive your car is. In this case you will need to wire a resistor to stop the error

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