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Number plate light, replacing

irishyop Aug 12, 2007

  1. irishyop

    irishyop New Member


    I have 2002 Audi A4 Saloon.

    Have my MOT in 2 weeks. Had the car in for a service there a bit back and the guy (street garage) said that 1 bulb was gone and I should replace it.
    I said spot on, he said he tried it but no dice.

    So anyway this evening, I checked it, he broke the screw inside of the hole which holds the light in place.
    The bulb is also gone so I have not a clue what bulb goes into it, I tried the other light but the screw is absolutely run!!

    Questions I could do with some help on:
    So I have to get the old screw out, how?
    I have replace the bulb, what sort of bulb goes into it?
    How can I get the rung screw out of the other one?

    I priced replacment lights, 5 pounds each.

    I have also considered replacing the whole unit which contains the lights but not sure if this is hard to replace. It looks akward!!

    Any links or that to "how to replace" I would appreciate.

  2. banny

    banny Member

    I had to cut mine out with a dremel and knackered it abit best way is to smash the glass then take the screw out with pliers, then replace whole unit, its not that dear and its the only way, of the screws broke.
  3. irishyop

    irishyop New Member

    Cheers banny, replace what exactly, just the glass is it or the whole units which contains the contact for the lights and that?

    I took the whole thing out of the boot this evening but could I hell get the yoke out, yes the dremel is a great idea.

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