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Number plate led's from eBay 2005 sb

OVRA3 Oct 30, 2012

  1. OVRA3

    OVRA3 Well-Known Member

    Just re posting this in case it helps anyone trying to fit the LEDs

    They work!!! Ok there is a knack to fitting these which I wasn't aware of so for those who are thinking of doing it this is how to do it.. Don't do it in daylight use a torch and do it at dusk.. Don't turn on the ignition don't even put the key in just turn the sidelights on so the number plates light up.. From here you can remove the holders and insert the led's, move the connectors when you put them in to make sure they touch the top mental bits using a torch to see into the unit as you put them in wiggling the connectors till the light comes on..

    This is where I went wrong before I didn't realise that with the ignition off dis doesn't register an error when the light comes on and off so you can fiddle till you get the connection right without dis turning the lights off and registering and error It's fiddly but they do work eventually.. I also bought some new m3 10mm screws to replace the worn ones in the lens..

    Hope this helps someone..


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