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Number of Problems

mac6967 Oct 29, 2009

  1. mac6967

    mac6967 New Member

    Hi All, I'm really hoping you can help me out here. I have a 2001 S3 with a number of different issues, most of thich seem to have happened since my battery went flat! I've got a nre battery but they still seem to occur. THe first one is that the boot does not unlock when I use the central locking, I have to use the boot button on the key and cannot open it any other way. When the battery went flat I jump started it and all seemed fine until I unlocked it. The noice it makes when unlocking from the key seems to last longer, say about 10 seconds, and like I said, doesnt unlock the boot. Secondly when I leave the lights on and open the door it no longer buzz's at me. The third problem is the sat nav, the button on the right, the one to select your destination, doesnt work anymore. I managed to get it working after my battery went flatt for the second time, after a flight back from Spain and it had been parked up for the weekend, great return to the UK lol, anyhoo, but I have to press it really hard to get the radio code in, managed to do that and it doesnt work anymore even if I press it hard!

    So, I need to know about the prolonged central locking noice, could this be related to the boot not unlocking? Also the Sat Nav, does anyone know why this might be happening?

    Oh, and one other thing, what does it mean when the interior light flashes when your in the car?

    THanks in advance :)
  2. LordNelson

    LordNelson Member

    not sure about the central locking problem, but the interior light flashing is a common problem that a lot of us are currently or have been suffering from. including me.
    this is to do with the locking mechanism and the micro-switches not functioning properly.
    if you search the forumm, u will certainly find lots of threads about this. I am finally getting round to fixing mine tomorrow.
    have a read of this thread called "Door lock Problems" http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/showthread.php?t=81504

    make sure you read to the bottom and have a go at the quick fix before reverting to the mammoth task as detailed on the Vortex forum. Unfortunately this is what i am having to do :(
    hope you dont have the probs that i am doing
  3. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    Prolonged pump noise normally means you either have a leak in the central locking system somewhere, or the pump internal have broken (common problem) and they will need replacing.

    The buzzer when arming the alarm is not a standard thing on the uk model so it has been added at some point using VAGCOM. When you're battery went flat it has restored the central locking settings back to UK default. I have had the same issue and always have to re-enable my auto locking doors again.

    The interior light issue is again tied in with central locking.

    Check your DIS. Turn the ignition on and open each door one at a time and make sure the display is correct. Do both doors and the boot. If this is ok I would start by getting the central locking pump looked at. You can get a reconditioned pump for about £100 or new from Audi are over £300!!! Or you can by the recon kit off ebay for about £30 and fix it yourself.

    Idealy you need VAGCOM connected to your car to check for faults.

    hope that helps.

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