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Nothing better to do

Caesium Apr 12, 2007

  1. Caesium

    Caesium My BM is fixed! VCDS Map User

    As some of you may know I have just fitted a new oak floor to my lounge, in doing so I have created a bit of rubbish.
    I borrowed my work's van to cart it all down the tip and have had the van since Saturday.
    I wont say i'm a regular to the local tip but I have been a few times over the years so I know the coo.

    So this is what happened today.

    Driving down the road to the tip, have to turn right into the approach road, there is traffic queuing. The sign says two lanes in and one out, queuing system in operation, join shortest queue.

    So i turn right and notice the left hand lane is COMPLETELY empty so I drive down it. If other want to wait in another queue then let them do it!

    I get half way down when I have to squeeze past someone over the white line into my lane, then I get to another person who seems unaware of their road position and toot my horn, not a long one mind, just a friendly toot.

    This person then decides to pull further into my lane to deliberatly block me. So i keep going and force him back into his own lane.

    His passenger window is open so I say "there's two lanes here" he replies "i know" so I shouted "get in one of them then!"

    Then he starts ranting on about i'm in a commercial vehicle and i'm not allowed in there etc etc, this i know, i have to pull up outside and get a wheel barrow to get the stuff in the tip.

    So i unload all of my **** and this bloke is only just coming in as i'm leaving, BTW i only dumped a few old bits of skirting, some architrave and some old broken lino tiles.

    This bloke approaches the tip worker and starts pointing at me and gesticulating at my van, i suppose he is trying to say i have commercial waste. The tip bloke pays no attention.

    I then leave.

    Later on i'm talking to my boss and he says "have a nice time at the tip?"

    I instantly realise that the stupid ****** at the dump has taken the number off the side of my van and called it.

    Haven't old people got anything better to do? Clearly not, he was waiting in a queue when he didn't even need to, then decides to ring up my company and complain. what a tosser.
  2. Rich

    Rich Rollin on boost mother hubbards

    I hate people like that, unaware of their own existance and get upset because you are aware enough to see there are 2 lanes and dont have all day to sit there like a mong.

    In fact you just reminded me of another pet hate which I will create another thread to rant about ;)

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