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not the usual rear speaker problem

ANDYMC_TQS May 29, 2011


    ANDYMC_TQS Member

    hi all im fairly new to this site but have spent hours with my face in the laptop trying to find solutions for things.
    and thanks to a few very helpfull threads got my rear speakers and sub working but the rears have a really nasty noise like they are blown that very occasionally goes but is there 90% of the time.
    to make them work i followed a thread (i think completely correct) and seperated the yellow plug, cut it of then soldered as follows

    the 2 negatives for the rear speakers on the HU to the 2 common negatives ( as one complete solder)

    rear right positive on HU to rear right positive on loom

    rear left positive on HU to rear left positive on loom

    the remote lead on HU to white comms lead

    i thought it may just be a case of blown speakers but i sourced some replacements from breakers and still the same problem occurs, i even tested the speakers (all 4 rears) on my surround sound and they sound good.

    im thinking now it must be a wiring fault or the amp but i have got as far as i think i can on my own and now need some help, so if anyone can give me any pointers i would greatly appreciate it

    failing that i will just re-wire the rear

    thank u for ur time peeps
    andy mc
  2. a3rob

    a3rob Member

    Man iv had the same hassle with mine. All i was advised on here is buy this and buy that. Useless!
    They all say buy various autoleads wires, and seriously iv tried and tested them, very poor. So i ripped the old audi **** out and fitted my own.
    Massive bass :)
  3. a3Nate

    a3Nate Member

    have you tried wiring the speakers up with your own wires and testing them?? not even fitted literally find rear speaker wires at headunit cut connector block and play? that would eliminate speaker fault and amp fault if theyre fine leaving wires.that would be my route rather than run new loom to find amps had it.
  4. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    You have connected high level rear speaker outputs to the rear amps inputs - NOT A GOOD IDEA!
    The rears and sub have their own amp, that's why only the front speakers are wired on the standard brown speaker connector. The rear amp has to be fed with the low level pre-outs from your HU (not the speaker outs), these will be on standard RCA connectors. You need the PC9-404 adapter to plug the rear RCA's into the Audi loom (that you have now butchered).
    Not sure where you got that advice but it was totally shyte.
    Surprised you haven't blown up the amp, the speakers and the HU.

    ANDYMC_TQS Member

    ah that will be why it keeps cutting the rears off then and coming up cd failure oops think il go unwire them now. il solder the plug back on no problem. so its really just that adapter. i must have just completely read it wrong then coz i think it was one of ur posts andymac.
    is the amp that powers the rears the same one that powers the sub in the sub box or is there another.
    cheers for everyones help i knew i must have messed it up somewhere

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