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Not terribly technical - screenwash....

steveg9 Jan 14, 2008

  1. steveg9

    steveg9 Member

    OK so I have just collected my new A3, the screenwash bottle is full of clear liquid smelling just like the VW/SEAT/Skoda/Audi blue stuff p/no. G 052 164 A2 (~£2.75 per litre inc. VAT at the VW stealer). Of which I have 5 or 6 litres in the garage.......

    Coincidentally my mother-in-law collared me this evening (serves me for showing off the new toy...). She has been to local Audi (on her way home, VW miles away) and bought Audi p/no. 00A 096 319 006 £2.50 per half litre for her Polo

    The blue stuff was originally put into my Passat years ago by W stealer after tipping out 5L of the old (perfectly fine) Quantum old model stuff :mad: on grounds that 'we have to use this for the fan jets' - the Audi stuff says it's for fan jets...

    So question is are they the same / miscible / compatible? My cynical side says the former is multi language and multi brand (and cheaper!!), the latter appears to be Audi UK

    Dilution / temperature protection within a couple of degrees of frost each ratio

    No prob I can use hers but can I use the multi stuff???

    No hurry as we both have full wash bottles (in fact if I can't use the blue stuff) she may have a lifetime supply

    Thanks anyone

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