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not so good friday!

tonksie Apr 22, 2011

  1. tonksie

    tonksie New Member

    hi there i have just decided to clip my car on someones wall whilst drivin of their drive and in the process took off my rear door blade and clipped the front one! does anyone know of any decent replacements or upgraded ones for not the mega money audi want for a set? i drive a 2007 a4 avant s line. any help or advice would great thanks.
  2. Triple.O.G

    Triple.O.G Active Member

    Sorry dude, not nice when you bumo your car, im not sure if there are any replacement parts, iv never heard of any anyway, usually people just opt for S4 door blades but i think they get em from audi?

    check ebay if you havent already.
  3. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    have it mended
    or go for s4 they go for £££££ second hand and much more from audi
    theres a set on here somewhere

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