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Not pulling like it used to

S321BAM Jul 26, 2011

  1. S321BAM

    S321BAM I lost the rod lottery

    After a trip to gti international this year my S3 (bam) seems like its not pulling like it did when i first had it mapped by revo (stage 1). Since then i've fitted ah fab fmic, forge tip, forge 007p and pipercross panel filter. Clutch had been slipping for a long time before i relaced it so hadn't really noticed any change after a new one was fitted. After a decent run on the motorway to gti i noticed it had lost the urgency to pull when you put your foot down in 6th from 70mph. Whilst at gti took it down the 1/4 mile and my best time to 60 was 6.5 seconds and a friend with a r32 corrado was catching me up, when i first had it mapped the car used to pull away from him like he was in reverse on the motorway.

    After searching through forum, boost leak and N75 valve are the only things i can think of. I've done a smoke test and the only leak i found was through the dip stick which had no seal on it, thats been sorted but still feels as though it should have more.

    Any ideas?
  2. S3Lol

    S3Lol Member

    if you have got vagcom, probably worth...

    1. scanning for fault codes
    2. g/s airflow - that way you can tell if it is down on airflow if you can compare it to a 'before' figure, which probably means new maf or an air leak.
    3. long term and short term fuel trims - can indicate vacuum leaks. Check under inlet manifold for leaks in pipes as they always seem to perish.
    4. looking at requested and actual boost will give you a vague idea if it could be boost related - pressure test to be sure

    Im sure others will have some ideas as well but these are where I would start
  3. S321BAM

    S321BAM I lost the rod lottery

    I haven't got vagcom but a friend has, I'll investagate more when im down his garage next, cheers

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