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not happy update

williams Apr 28, 2011

  1. williams

    williams Member

    Got phone call today from audi your car is ready for collection"great Im on my way just got drop loan car off that I hired" got to audi they said they changed tensioner pin,tensioner and fitted another cambelt and been checked all under warrenty,wicked. driving home didn't fill right to tappy sounded like it was running on 3 cylinders and no power,so took straight back,they said it was alright when they tested it, I only drove 3 miles in it, so I demarded a hire car," we have no cars" they said," whats all those outside then you have to give me one of those then" in a polite way(not),and guest what im driving around in a nice 60 plate A1 and not bad car,so we see what they come back with next.
  2. Sam W

    Sam W Member

    Well at least they've give you one of those A1's this time!

    If the tensioner loosened it is possible that the belt may have jumped teeth, which could mean anything from timing being out, to bent valves and damaged pistons, either way its covered under the Audi warranty but I wouldn't like the job lol. You'd have thought they would have had the sense to do some diagnostic work and take the head off to have a look, but I guess not eh, that would involve thinking...

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