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Not Giving Up

Rochelle King Sep 16, 2012

  1. Rochelle King

    Rochelle King New Member

    I've owned my 1997 Audi a4 quattro v6 engine manual shift, 16 inch factories,200,000miles for four years now.
    Recently it seems like all of my car troubles are hitting me at once. Any help on any of these problems will be great ive learned a lot from the forums i have read so far but have not found a soulution for these things.
    Ive had :

    -the headlights to stop working unless I hold them on high beam or hold them with my hand while I shift gears at night after work until they decide to work. I am considering buying a new LED set
    -my taillights have one by one stopped working I am considering buying a new LED set
    -my front passenger tire is being worn down by something I had it replaced this morning nd will be getting an alignment tomorrow.
    -possibly because of the above my car shakes furiously any speed over 45mph, it wobbles and I feel like the wheels and steering is about to fall apart
    -my entire mph dash won't illuminate at all I can't see how fast I'm driving at night
    -my sunroof will not close, will attempt to open close at will and random and is rusting because the rain is getting in
    -both passenger and driver windows not working
    -driver side door will unlock but not open from outside
    -only my driver side speaker works not even the speakers in the rear upper door work

    Any help on any pf these issues will be greatly appreciated I am a do it yourself kinda girl I have become very motor savvy dealing with this car I keep the oil changed and have not had a tune up I have had the tire rods replaced new break pads and battery
  2. Rochelle King

    Rochelle King New Member

    Before my tire began being worn....the car would only shake between 45-60 and when I got off the gas to slow down without using the brakes
  3. Bradderz_1988

    Bradderz_1988 Dont replace it, Upgrade it !!

    Your tyre may be wearing due to the fact that your control arms are screeming to be replaced, if you drive over a bumpy surface is the steering all over the place and feels as though your fighting against it if so control arms will need replacement.

    Your dash illuminating have you tried turning the dim switch on the clocks (left one) fully to the right it may be set to very dim.

    Have you checked the vitals fuses, relays, voltage, earths and resistance etc ??? Sounds like you need a sparky to have a look at your motor and pay him to diagnose all your faults. It would be better then guessing or replacing light units and there being a underlying fault !!!
  4. PAULF

    PAULF Active Member VCDS Map User

    Check the scuttle drains and see if yo have water in the footwells - water ingress can cause all sorts of silly fault,

    It does sound like your headlamp stalk may be on its way out, and as Bradderz said, it could be time for new control arms. (see here How to replace front and rear suspension parts (with pics) )

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