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NOS in a TDI

auroan Jan 2, 2005

  1. auroan

    auroan Active Member

    I was talking to a someone at larkspeed the other day and he mentioned that Diesels respond better to NOS than petrols ????? I think he was talking out of his behind /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif as I'm sure something like NOS would causes the piston rings to blow because of the over pressure (even with only a 25 shot).

    I can't find any information about this so I think it prob bolony. Has anyone had any experience of this ?


  2. auroan

    auroan Active Member

    Yeah I though diesels were higher because they don't "burn" the fuel like petrols. I thought an injection of nos would cause proper ignision of the fuel cloud in the cylinder causing the rings to blow.
  3. yeah they are higher comp, didnt word it very well.
    you seen the amount of smoke diesels chuck out? thats unburnt fuel. they run lean when on max boost but nos would help the rest of the rev range.
  4. AntonA4TDI

    AntonA4TDI Member

    don't forget that just because a diesel is smoking doesn't mean its running out of air...diesel combustion takes a lot longer to properly burn so even if you do have all the air ie from nos, big turbo etc, if you haven't got sufficient timing advance your still going to smoke. Hence why no fast diesel even with a huge turbo doesn't smoke its just simply because diesel cant burn quickly enough.

    Anyways Id like to see someone try nos on a diesel Iv never heard of it being done maybe it would help things at lower revs if you have larger turbo which spools up late.
  5. 19tdi

    19tdi New Member

    Hi guys new here, so go easy on me..

    But Nos works very well on diesels, As someones has said its all about the unburnt fuel,adding NOS helps the fuel to burn properly and faster.

    About 4-5 years there was a guy that drag raced a Mk1 golf gtd lhd (green but not sure cus of the smoke it kicked out ). tried to find some pics on the net but cant sorry.

    Anyway not got round to putting it on the A4 yet, but have been looking at over chipping it.


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