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North pole international "train" service

markos72 Dec 20, 2013

  1. markos72

    markos72 Active Member

  2. HullRs3

    HullRs3 RS3 8P (2012) TeamMisano Audi RS3

    Geek Mode On - North Pole was were the Channel Tunnel Eurostar trains maintained overnight before returning to Waterloo International from 1994 - 2007, situated on the line from London Paddington Station (west), near Wormwood Scrubs.
    The site is now being redeveloped for the New Intercity Express Programme trains which will replace the 125/HST on the GWML & ECML.

    Geek Mode Off - It has nothing to do with SANTA! - it gets it's name from the nearby North Pole Junction!

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