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North East Bonnet Respray?

cjp2k Jan 19, 2010

  1. cjp2k

    cjp2k Active Member Team Tango Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon

    Hi Guys, anyone got reccomendations for a bodyshop to respray my A3 Sportback bonnet, it looks like some little s*** has keyed the front end, small aread maybe 3"x1.5"... only clearcoat 99% of it, down to the paint in 2 tiny spots

    Also any idea of costs, I am gutted the car was in such good condition!

    Having said that it has developed a couple of stone chips over the last few weeks, so I can get these all sorted in the spring at least!


  2. ssbnreso

    ssbnreso Member

  3. sam80quattro

    sam80quattro Member

    maybe a bit far from you but my friend has just opened up a body shop in cramlington (just north of newcastle) he was previuosly spraying at bill heaneys which is a porsche approved bodyshop, he is also bmw trained aswell as porsche. thing with silver though is that its a nighmare to blend in so it may need the tops of the wings blown in to make it perfect.... i can ask him how much tommorow if you want.
  4. chris1988brown

    chris1988brown Member

    body technical in grange town are awsome and he worked audi for a good few years and does awsome work, always has preseige cars in for work like db9's ferarris etc and he has always done my body work and neve had a complaint, mine will be going in for a respray colour change in the summer hopfully, i can get the number if needed

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