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NOOb with a coupla quick ones???

Higgsy Jan 24, 2010

  1. Higgsy

    Higgsy Hard To Spin

    Alright everyone

    Iv just got back into VAG after a stint in the Jap 4X4 market and things have changed alot since my 3rd 16v Mk2 GTi a few years back, just a couple of quick questions about my 190 (6) quattro avant.

    I was wanting to get a diagnostic program on my laptop and still have VAG-COM on it from when i helped a mate out a while ago, will this program be ok to use with my car? and what kind of cable should i be looking at getting? ive seen CAN-BUS, OBDII, K LINE or something and its all alien to me???

    Also ive got my car booked in for a 220 bhp GIAC chip at an approved dealer..

    a) will this get wiped when my car goes for a service

    b) are there any other mods (DV, injectors) i should look at strengthening before getting the chip?

    Thanks alot in advance folks and any help is appreciated.

  2. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    a) No, will be fine.
    b) Exhaust - catback and/nor turbo back... should be done ideally before a map (if you're going to change the zorst that is)
  3. Higgsy

    Higgsy Hard To Spin

    Thanks alot mate, that really helps, its all coming together!!

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