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NON VAG race car build saxo vtr stock hatch

monkey_lewis Jul 11, 2012

  1. monkey_lewis

    monkey_lewis Reverse Gear

    been on here quite a while although i dont post much still look at whats going on and what im missing out on...

    anyway after missing karting for so long i decided i wanted to get away from it as the politics was starting to get to me and i wanted to go cars anyway... so was looking at the car series and the 750mc stock hatch popped up, had a look went to watch the meetings for quite a while and now here i am starting to build one to go racing...

    Bought her as a cat d write off, for 260 + administration plus delivery so 300 sheets and shes at my front door. Having a look round at her and shed been written off for,
    Track rod end
    Tyre mark on vt wheel arch body kit
    Inner cv boot
    Pair front tyres (caused by driving with the bent track rod end) all in all from buying it to passing the MOT £400!!! Result!!!




    First stop is to gut the inside, back to metal and weld in the multi point custom cages cage, seat, steering wheel and 5point harness... Also before first track day get the tyres, the yoko a048r tyres all round and raise the rear 1 click on the torsion bar, might even make the exhaust and cam it depending on cash flow before august... So after first test day seeing what its like its gaz gold suspension all round, have to send the struts to gaz to get the standard struts modified to gold spec (adjustable damping) and 300lbs springs on the front pug sport 22/23mm rear bar, engine build, probably omex, emerald ecu and custom wiring harness :) all up with the driver she'll be a size 0 weighing in at 920 with me inside ;-) lol alita alota work to be done!!!

    tillett seat ordered and arrived


    harness ordered and arrived as well as the mounting plates for the harness and the seat

    tow eyes, bonnet pins, boot springs, pull cable, steering wheel boss, saftey sticker set (all these pictues will be uploaded later as havent got them at work)

    got the car gutted as well, gotta take heater matrix out but i think ill do that the same time i loose the power steering when i pull the motor forward to get some space around there, have welding in the engine bay todo as well as found a rust hole just infront the washer bottle filler...

    UPDATE!! MONKEYS race car phase 2 vtr stock hatch - Page 2 - Saxperience - Citroen Saxo Forum is the full thread so far, will be editing this with more pictures later on tonight i hope if i get the seat fitted in time...

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