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Non-S-line A4 - Should I get S-line shocks, aftermarket shocks or coilovers?

ChristianCameron Dec 13, 2013

  1. ChristianCameron

    ChristianCameron Member

    picked up a set of 18" RS4 wheels yesterday, they are gunmetal grey which I'm not fussed on so I'm going to respray them over the next week. I had them fitted this morning and all its done is shown how my car needs to be lowered at least a tiny bit so that the gap above the wheels is the same or smaller than the gap on the sides of the wheels if you know what I mean...I've contacted a breaker who is breaking a number of B6 sline and sport models and would sell me shocks, would it be worth getting the S-line shocks or should I just move up to a spring and shock combo? I only want to go moderately low for now. Also would the B6 sline shocks fit a B7 avant ok? Thanks in advance!
  2. ijgreer

    ijgreer Member

    I would replace both spring and shock. Coil overs gave me my best result. I would see what Eibach kits are out there

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