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Non dealer servicing Vs. Warranty

imported_CurryMilkShake Feb 15, 2006

  1. pleasant trip to the dealer today, talked through some options re: extending the warranty etc, as Im looking to buy my car from work..

    They confirmed without hesitation this business of the warranty being unaffected if you choose to go to specialists for the servicing, as long as they use the official parts, and service it in accordance witht he official schedule..
    The savings are gonna be significant (Southampton Audi charge £96/hour labour - specialists often just a third of that..)

    However - while I have a specialist at the end of my road, and the dealer is a 30mile drive.. so the concept really appeals.. has anyone any experience of pursuing warranty claims after taking the choice to move away from main dealer servicing? Im a little nervous, despite their assurance that this is acceptable..

    ANd has anyone experience of the VW/Audi specialist place in Ferndown, Dorset?!
  2. Lynas

    Lynas Member


    I'm thinking about getting VW to service my car...
  3. Lynas

    Lynas Member


    VW are £20 cheaper than Audi at £271 and Skoda quoted me £235.

    For that little difference I'd rather have an Audi stamp
  4. raca4

    raca4 New Member

    I had my 3rd variable service on A4 Q at Skoda last week with Brake fluid change and loan of a car to get home and back, £270 inc Vat, car is almost 4 years old.
  5. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    I have been using Autotechnik for the last 3 years and they're superb (closer for you than Soton Audi) 02380666200.
    As for warranty cover, total waste of money IMO. If they want to weasel out of a claim they will (a car is a mechanical device afterall) so what's considered wear & tear? Pretty much everything if they want to be difficult. I've seen warranty companies weasel out of a cambelt failure even though the belts were well within recommended mileage/age. What cover do you expect for £300 a year? Audi would charge you that just to replace a speaker! So I wonder how these companies make any money......
  6. armytdi

    armytdi Member

    the EU legislation brought in recently stipulates that new car warranties must remain valid if non-franchised outlets are used, providing OEM parts are used as Curry mentioned above. a friend of mine was quoted 399 for a main serivce for a
    dCi laguna, a specialist did for for half of that

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