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Nokia CK-7W In-Car Kit - Intermittently Buzzing

sc00byd00byd00 Jun 15, 2009

  1. sc00byd00byd00

    sc00byd00byd00 Frank and Beans............... VCDS Map User

    Just purchased my 2nd A4, this time an Avant. It has a Nokia In-Car Kit already installed.

    Problem is, occasionally i'm getting a buzzing coming out of the speakers (particularly the drivers side front)

    When it does Buzz, it actually mimmicks the variations in rpm as your driving so it sounds a bit like your driving in a computer game.

    Turning the engine off and taking the key out and re starting doesn't always work.

    I have an RNS-e SAT NAV system with BOSE Speakers.

    Can anybody Advise ??


  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Depends how they've tapped into the front speakers from the hands free kit. Most kits expect to just link into the fronts directly, but as you have Bose they are separately amped and are a low 2 ohm impedance so not sure how they would link this in as there are no speaker wires at the HU, they're all in the boot. If they've tried to link into the Bose amp connections then this is the most likely cause, but depends what they've used to do this. If it was me I'd rip out any interface to the RNS-e and use either the centre channel speaker in the dash just for the phone (disconnect it from the HiFi as it's hideous) or use a separate Nokia powered speaker mounted in the passenger footwell.
  3. giblets46

    giblets46 Member

    I had the same problem, buzzing was not related to revs though, think it was due to lack of shielding with the 'sub in the dashboard', got rid of by throwing away the Nokia car kit which was useless.

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