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Noisy PAS pump?

Dicky A Feb 22, 2013

  1. Dicky A

    Dicky A New Member


    I've got a small leak going on under the S3 which when coupled with my other symptoms, I believe to be PAS fluid (common pipe corrosion issue I think).

    In addition, the car has today developed a whining noise which I believe will be the PAS pump running low on fluid (haven't been able to check fluid level yet). My question is this; the whining noise changes pitch with engine revs - would this be consistent with the pump running dry/low on fluid?

    Pretty sure the PAS pump runs off the bottom pulley of the AUX belt (am I right?) so I *think* the symptoms will all be consistent - can anyone confirm? Also, anyone know the part numbers/costs for the PAS pipes?

    I love this car to pieces but it is literally raping me at the moment - the joys of 10yr old, 100k+ boost monsters eh?!


    Dicky A

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