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  1. Monsoon

    Monsoon Member

    I posted on here a few months back about a high pitched whistling noise that starts to sound in my car at speeds above 40mph (2.0 FSI). At the time there were suggestions that it may be a window not sealing properly. Anyway, the noise became less severe over the summer, but has now reappeared - just as the weather's become a bit cooler.

    I was convinced that it was coming from the engine compartment somewhere, and in my desperation covered the front grille with newspaper and went on a test drive. The noise stopped immediately! When I removed the newspaper, it started up again. So it's definitely air coming in through the grille and hitting some component under the bonnet, and it's possibly linked to the outside air temperature. Any ideas as to what this is would be much appreciated! Last winter, Audi adjusted the plenum chamber cover, the bonnet catch position, and the wiper arm position but no success.

    Incidentally, I have to say that I've become increasingly dissatisfied with the number of rattles, squeaks and knocking noises in the car during my first year of ownership. Two rear seatbelt reels are about to be changed as they continually rattle, a component on both rear shock absorbers was replaced due to a knocking noise, there is a rattle coming from the drivers door which I can't locate exactly, and the drivers hand grip rail rattles too. Or perhaps I'm just being too picky?!?!
  2. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    If the problem is persistent and easily reproducible then I'd take someone from the dealer out and get them to acknowledge the noise and that it's unacceptable. It's then down to them to fix it.

    As for rattles and squeaks generally, I've had quite a few but they've all been fixed on request by the dealer and the car feels a lot more solid than any of my previous ones have at this age.

    The problem with the premium marques such as Audi is that they don't squeak and rattle any more than "lesser" brands, and in many cases less, but you tend to find it less acceptable. A noise which you'd consider par for the course in a Focus would have you banging on the dealers door in an Audi.
  3. synthdood

    synthdood Member

    I am surprised how they still manage to make them relatively rattle-free with the rock-hard suspension that seems to be the norm nowadays. If Audi would stop making the suspension harder and harder with every new model, the rattles would be much less of a problem.

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