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Noisey waste gate / pipe off ?

Mark-Q Dec 6, 2012

  1. Mark-Q

    Mark-Q New Member

    I recently had my 2004 TDI Quattro at the body shop for some paint work.

    I am sure that since I picked it up I can hear the waste gate much louder, it's almost like a petrol turbo with a dump valve!

    Both wings and the front bumper were removed

    Any ideas what might of happened a small pipe off maybe?

    The only thing the painter remembers disturbing is a black box under the passengers wing with 2 pipes going to it.

    The car is completely standard with 60k on the clock, and doesn't seem down on power.

    Any ideas were to start looking?

  2. demus

    demus Fire in the hole..

    Sounds like they have caused a leak in the intake pipework somewhere, which would hiss when accelerating and give a blow off sound when lifting off..

    Which engine does it have? But I would have thought it will be a variable vane turbo, which means there is no wastegate, just vanes that can change their geometry to alter exhaust gas flow across the turbine. When mine started to get sooty and sticky, it made this kind of throaty cough sound when I came off the throttle. Give it full throttle at about 2000rpm in 4th, when it pulls hard come off the throttle, this provoked mine into doing it.
    If I started it with the air filter off, gave it a good prod on and off the throttle you could hear it really clearly.

    If it runs well and comes on boost smoothly and quickly, and doesn't go into limp mode when you boot it, its probably not too bad, just be sure to keep the ole gal cleared out, the buggers will soot up sooooo.
  3. Mark-Q

    Mark-Q New Member

    Well the body shop removed the inner wings and frontbumper nothing found!

    My engine is a BDH 2.5 TDI with a GT20 turbo (?) which has a traditional wastegate.

    Can anyone else hear their boost / waste gate very quietly when driving?

  4. braxTDI

    braxTDI New Member

    I have a 53 plate 130 tdi and I can just hear mine with the window open. I quite like it :)
  5. Lambster

    Lambster Member

    me too 53plate 130 i get the noise too
    more so after a remap:)

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