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Noisey Rear Seats

a3norwich Jun 1, 2007

  1. a3norwich

    a3norwich Not anymore - Back 2 BMW (shh)

    So, on my second A3 now and the other one did exactly the same after about a month: rattling/noisey rears seats. Or a "chattering" sound the technician described it on my last car. Is this yet another "feature" of Audi cars and their apparent poor build quality. [Waiting for the doors to start creaking at the moment... :mad:]

    Seems odd that the car is absolutely perfect for a month, then it all just goes wrong.

    Anybody else had the rear seat problem?
  2. stan

    stan Member

    Not me , could it be the catches may be a spray of WD40, or a wipe with some cleaner to add some lube, might do the trick.

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