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Noisey Brakes

jlundberg May 28, 2004

  1. jlundberg

    jlundberg New Member

    Had my 1999 S8 now for about 5 weeks , experiencing noise coming from brakes as though they are sticking , this only happens with engine running and releasing the brake pedal when starting off in drive mode.If you depress and release the brake pedal when in neutral it doesn't make this noise.
    It only makes this noise when depressing and releasing the brake pedal in drive mode.

    I suspected it might be the pads wearing in , as it looks as though the front pads are new , but after 5 weeks i thought that they should have worn in by now.
    The brakes seem to be working OK though.

    Has anybody experienced the same problem , or have any ideas what is causing this to happen /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif??????


  2. ttandka

    ttandka Member

    caldyman, I'm experiencing the same issue, but my brakes are up for renewal. (Getting sorted this week) If it clears the noise, I'll let you know


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