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Noise when taking up drive - ideas?

comdw Nov 9, 2007

  1. comdw

    comdw Member VCDS Map User

    I've noticed a worrying "click" sound when I press the accelerator and a matching "clack" when I release it. Most noticeable in a low gear 20-30mph and it only happens when you are actually in gear (i.e. not if the clutch is in).

    Doesn't need harsh acceleration to get the noise - quite the opposite in fact. The slightest touch of the pedal and as the engine takes up drive I hear the noise, and then when you release and the engine "relaxes" its like something clicks back. I can even reproduce it now just by flicking from 1st to reverse and back repeatedly, just raising the clutch to the biting point in each gear - no accelerator required.

    It sounds like its coming from behind the glovebox, but must surely be in the engine bay. I was wonder about gearbox/engine mountings, anyone got any other ideas?
  2. a3t_djm

    a3t_djm Half Asleep!

    engine mounts i would reckon the click would still be there on harsh acceleration u just wont hear/feel it

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