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Nogaro Blue Paintwork

RobW Feb 15, 2010

  1. RobW

    RobW Run Rob Run

    3 questions

    I have recently bought a Nogaro Blue S3 and I will be picking it up and cleaning it this weekend.
    The car does have a few light scratches/swirls and I will be looking to get rid of these.
    I own a Porter Cable machine polisher and I previously I have used Final Polish II on my old black Honda Civic.

    My 1st question is whether to use either the Menzerna 203S or Menzerna Final Polish II ?
    I understand that the 203S is for hard paints whereas the Final Polish II is for soft paints.
    What I dont know is whether the Blue Audi paint is hard or soft? and therefore which polish is better suited?

    2nd question = I have used BlackFire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection on my old Civic post polish.
    This was fine for the "metallic" Nighthawk Black paint as it really made the fleck pop out of the car.
    The question is....Is the Nogaro Blue a "metallic" paint (has 'fleck' in it). If not then should I be looking for an alternative synthetic sealant?
    I would prefer to use a synthetic sealant as opposed to a wax and any suggestions gratefully received.

    The 3rd question is a bit of an oddball one. The car has a few swirls on the clear plastic covering the instrument panel (speedo and rev counter).
    What is the best way to either beuff out the scratches of fill them in?

    Any help gratefully received.
  2. WX51TXR

    WX51TXR Polished Bliss

    1. Audi paint is rock hard, so you will need at least the 203S to remove light swirls and scratches; in many cases a two stage process is actually required on Audi's, starting with Menzerna RD3.02 and following up with 85RE to refine the finish. More info about the required method and paint type on your car can be found on this guide...


    You could use the Final Polish II in place of the 85RE to refine the finish, which will save you buying an extra product - the gloss level won't be quite as good, but still amazing to most people's eyes.

    2. Nogaro Blue is a funny colour; pearlescent up close, but almost completely solid looking from a distance. From past experience, I can 100% say that Blackfire looks amazing on it. See this guide to choosing paint protection for some example images on similar blues (mid-tone metallic/pearlsecent section)...


    3. We have yet to come across a product that can do this safely and effectively on soft interior cluster plastics, so I can't help on this one.

  3. mugglesquop

    mugglesquop Member

    3. see if you can find some Acrylic Polish. That should sort it out.
  4. RobW

    RobW Run Rob Run

    Both very helpful and so thank you.

    Weather dependent, I shall be cleaning the car this weekend. Rich - I think I will be ordering the Mezerna 203S initially and will see how that goes. If it is not upto the job then I may have to purchase some stronger stuff.

    As for question 3 - does anyone rate "Plexus"


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