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no warmth from heater on A6 2.6 est 1996

imported_muscle750 May 4, 2005

  1. My heater is basically useless with no warm air coming out the heater,
    The thermostat is brand new and the engine temp gauge reads ok, the heater pipes going through the bulkhead seem relativly warm, although not hot. When you set the temp to max on the digital readout its hardly any warmth at all coming out vents . when on recic or otherwise
    apart from that the air con works ok and the car runs well/
  2. 28v6

    28v6 Guest

    Okay ...lets back track a little here, what has happened to inspire all this in the first place???

    The answer you look for is, I think quite simple , just not bled properly, but until I know a little more then I may not be of any help...

    Try raising the front end of the car as high as possible, then fill the system again and top up, squeezing all the air out of the hoses, then, with the cap off, heaters set to warm (in the FIRST Instance!!) start the car up and run without the cap on, the level should plout a little at first , then settle to a nice smooth stream into the rad, then replace the cap and test, all should be well! Sounds like an airlock on the car. Check for leaks after testing, allow to cool the top up to required level.

  3. audi5e

    audi5e Member

    Yep, either an airlock, or if you find the supply hose/pipe to the heater is hot but the return pipe is cold, then you will need to flush the heater (backflush until all the gunk comes out and the water is clean.), if that does not solve the problem then the heater core is too clogged to be cleaned and will need to be replaced.
  4. the car went into Audi dealer for cambelt and whilst they had it they did the stat as the temp gauge read very low before although as i only owned the car 2 weeks before and drove it a few times i didnt note what the heater was doing, now the temp gauge works as it should but the heater dont do alot, will atempt to feel temp of both pipes on bulkhead if not i think its back to Audi dealer and say u drained the system u fix it it worked fine before and all that if u get my drift.
    Apart from that great car knock it into 3rd at around 50mph and floor it it goes well. anyone ever lowered one or put A4 alloys on note mines got pipes going to rear shocks

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