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  1. stuart scott

    stuart scott Member

    Today I have discovered that there is no sound coming from the speakers in my car , no matter what I have on ( phone,SD, ipod or radio) I have tried resetting, checked every adjustment button I can find, but still no sound has this happened to anyone else.I read on A5 owners club forum this has happend to somebody in the US and it was the amp any one know how to check this or is it a trip back to the dealers. thanks in advance stu
  2. Vinny1690

    Vinny1690 New Member

    Hi m8,

    new to this fourm, same happened to me today went to the shop with radio working away fine got back in the car no sound at all, the display said i was listening to capital????? dont even get capital up here in Scotland...

    Im in a S5 (60)plate
  3. danjwilson

    danjwilson New Member

    If you've tried all adjustments and a reset, as you say, then it looks like it's a trip to the dealer my friend...! I have heard of one or two people having the B&O amp die on them. It sits behind the drop down trim panel on left hand side of boot (trunk), but I wouldn't say there's much you can do to test it yourself. :banghead:
  4. EntitaUtigE

    EntitaUtigE New Member

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