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No Power Steering

Schamak Sep 30, 2013

  1. Schamak

    Schamak New Member

    Hey guys,

    So I've been given this audi 8p from my work colleague, he lost the power steering and audi have quoted "over a grand" to have it fixed.
    I got it home and stuck the vcds on it and I'm gettting this fault

    1 Fault Found:
    01309 - Power Steering Control Module (J500)
    004 - No Signal/Communication

    It's a 53 plate so one of the mk1 8ps I'm assuming. Has anyone fixed this fault for a resonable price? Think the car's just going to get scraped or auctioned if he can't fix it. It's done 100k miles but it's all sound apart from that.

    Can I get to the control module easily and check it? Or will this need a new rack + module? Anyone got any kicking around? Haha

    Searched the forum and there's a few threads but no the OP never comes back to say what he's done!

    Cheers guys.
  2. Ash187

    Ash187 Audi-Retrofits.co.uk Site Sponsor VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A5

  3. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    Firstly I'd check the connector and wiring to ensure it's not corroded.
  4. Schamak

    Schamak New Member

    Nah it's not had any work done to the power steering or anything around there. It had a new injector thats about it.

    I'm going to be doing the front and rear suspension for him so I'll try and have a look for wiring etc. It's difficult because I've not got a ramp or pit, so I don't want to be stripping the whole thing down in my garage without a spare parts to put on incase I break something.
  5. themikeyboosh

    themikeyboosh Member

    I lost my power steering (although had no error code) and had to get a new rack. Got one off ebay for abour £90 and had it fitted for £50 or so. It's fine now.

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