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No discount -nada from Audi -On 2 Cars !!!

Sootchucker Mar 17, 2013

  1. Sootchucker

    Sootchucker Member

    Hi all, as some of you may know I was looking to start some negotiations with a dealer on an A3 sportback. I've been waiting on actually negotiating due to the fact that we are actually looking for 2 cars, one for the wife as well, and she likes the A1 S-Line.

    However due to the fact she has a dodgy left knee, it would have to be an S-Tronic version (to replace her current VW Polo DSG), and we've been struggling to find one to test drive. Well that all changed this weekend when we tracked one down at Cheshire Oaks Audi near Chester. She loved the car (test drive went well), so thought I would start negotiations. The 2 cars were my A3 SB 2.0 TDI S-Tronic and her A1 1.4 TFSI S-Line S-Tronic. With options, mine is listing at just over £32k and hers at £21k so £53k on 2 cars.

    Imagine my shock then when I was told very firmly that both cars are not discounted at all (not even a penny) and they would be a list price -both of them. They "might" be able to do something on Lifeshine etc (which I don't want) but that was all , so we called it a day and left feeling very dispirited.

    On the way back we called into Warrington Audi and were told exactly the same -£53k is what we would have to pay -take it or leave it, so we left it. We then called into the VW dealership near by and discussed a loaded MK7 Golf and a Polo Blue GT (total £48k) and were immediately told, "sure of course we can do a deal" (even though Mk7 Golfs and Polo's are flying out the door at the moment), and within minutes got over £3k off the cars without even trying.

    Am I just in a minority or trying the wrong dealers, or has everyone paid list price for their Audi's. At the moment VW is looking favourite to get the orders, which is a real shame as I really liked the new A3 !
  2. Nick1989

    Nick1989 New Member

    Hi I would like to say I'm shocked that no discount at all was given but it doesn't surprise me tbh, Audi are just going into there new quarter I believe so I'd be more inclined to wait a bit because they may not have met there figures for the quarter. That's what I found when ordering my A3 last month, my local garage (Southampton Audi) had a special VIP day and I thought I'd pop along not really expecting much, test drive the car really liked it went home then later that day rang them asking what they can offer and they said to me to tell me what I want and they will work with what they have. In total I've added about 4 grand of extras including the metallic paint etc and I got it all added to the car for free so I'm paying list price on the sline with all my extras added on at no charge. I then proceeded to accept the offer and signed the papers the next day. In the past what I've found works is playing two garages against each other, mayb a few white lies and it's worked a dream. Got a few grand off my current A1 and I got a few freebies and money of my A3 before that and that was playing garages against each other. Good luck and I hope you get a deal!!
  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Hunt around more mate, with 50k to spend some garages will help out.
  4. squiretolley

    squiretolley Active Member

    I got just over £2k off the list price, GAP insurance and a baby Audi for my 8 month old son thrown in (The Wife was more excited about his car than she was mine!). It seems strange that they couldn't offer any discount, particularly on the A1.

    I spec'd the car on Drivethedeal and showed the dealer and within 2 mins they matched it. I think they're more inclined to offer discount if you take finance as they receive a high commission.
  5. Lion Man

    Lion Man New Member

    When I initially spoke to the stealer he would not offer any discount, however after a bit of negotiation I managed to get £2.5k off the list price and Lifeshine thrown in for nothing. I agree with squiretolley either order from Drive the Deal or take their quote and negotiate with the stealer. Best of Luck
  6. z1ggy

    z1ggy New Member

    When I was negotiating to purchase my car I too was offered nothing, except some discount on the Autoglym and the chip repair service. The dealer took the same take it or leave it approach. However following the advice from the forum I got quotes from Drivethedeal and Orangewheels and then took these back to the dealer. I gave them the choice to match or I would purchase from the o/wheels. The salesman went into a back room for the requisite 5 mins and then offered to match the price.


    I really think that without the quotes from o/wheels I would have got no discount, with it I got just under £2k. I can only suggest that you give this strategy a go, it worked for me.

    Good luck
  7. viperfire

    viperfire Active Member

    Basically i got them to part ex my car from me at private sale price. So this is where i got my discount from. Glass guide was showing my car was worth 2000 less than what the dealer offered so really chuffed
  8. XXXCorps

    XXXCorps Member

    Most Audi dealers in my experience will treat you this way. Everyone asks me why I'm willing to travel over 60 miles to Huddersfield Audi to buy my last 2 cars when I have two dealerships pretty much on my doorstep; now you have the reason.
  9. MT3

    MT3 New Member

    I have been looking at Orangewheels recently also, do you know if their quoted discounts change? Just wondering if they change on a weekly/monthly basis and therefore is there an optimum time to buy?

    Looking to go back to the dealer we bought from last time, are there any customer retention incentives offered by Audi?
  10. Zig

    Zig Member

    In the past I have used a car broker called Carfile, who advertise in What Car, to get a discount on a new car.

    In effect Carfile sets the deal up for you with an authorised dealer and you only pay money to the authorised dealer (not to Carfile) there so there are no risky 3rd party payments.

    If there is any warranty work to be done this can all be done via your local Audi dealer.

    A search on the internet for Carfile will find them.
  11. hittchy

    hittchy Active Member

    They do generally change depending on the discount the dealer is prepared to offer. If they're close to another bonus level, discounts are better. There's no easy way of telling though of an optimum time to buy with brokers as they don't tend to suffer the short term spikes/troughs of a standard dealership model. They encourage a dealer to look longer term at substituting lower units and higher profit for higher units with a lower profit margin.

    Every time I buy I start out with Drive the Deal. If the dealers I've dealt with regularly in the past can't meet the challenge, I'd order through DTD without hesitation.
  12. Zig

    Zig Member

    As I mentioned earlier I have in the past used Carfile to buy a car. Currently Carfile seem to be offering 8.5% discount on A1 and A3s

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