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No Brake lights!!

karmann Sep 7, 2007

  1. karmann

    karmann New Member

    hi guys and girls..
    my Audi A4 2002 model, has no brake lights, well the thrid light is working,.. and no back up lights,.. one stays on all the time had to remove the bulb,.. i've checked the bulbs and voltage with a multi meter.

    fault codes, 00988, 00987 failure in circut, 01518 failure in circut,..

    only mods i've done is change the headlight bulbs to HID's but this was back at christmas,..

    any ideas,.. before i have to put the car into audi, and call my bank manager
  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    Put your head down below the brake pedal there will be a plunger type sensor that activates the lights everytime you press brake pedal must be stuck or knackered worth a check
  3. karmann

    karmann New Member

    thanks for that, but the third brake light works!! also tested the switch i have power switchin, also checked with Vag-com, that says the switch is workin in the measuring blocks.
    I've read on the usa forums that you can turn off and on some of the rear lights,.. though coding, Any one know about this?

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