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  1. Griffter

    Griffter New Member

    Hey all,

    on a '97 A4 1.9Tdi:

    On two or three occasions I have noticed the following (really since the weather was hot):

    1) Following a motorway run, come off the motorway then accelerate away from the exit roundabout, car very underpowered. Feels like there is no boost.

    2) If I pull over, switch off igntion and restart immediately, normal performance is restored.

    Any ideas? I don't have VAG-COM. All electricals and hoses are in good order.

    Many thanks, Ben.
  2. carjacker0

    carjacker0 New Member

    it could be your Manifold Air Preassure sensor at fault. I had the same problem with a golf and after numerous visits to the stealers ,new turbo and new maf sensor the fault was traced to the MAP sensor.It 's only a fifty quid part and hell of alot cheaper than a turbo.good luck

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