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no 2nd gear :(

TerryTibbs Jul 31, 2007

  1. TerryTibbs

    TerryTibbs New Member

    hello all,

    i have a 1.8 se quattro, 99, it wont go into second gear when driving at all!!
    parked without the motor running it will go in no problems at all.
    shift isn't loose, no other problems with the box that i can think of, took it to a local "specialist" who's talking 2k to replace the whole box, is this right?!!


    sorry if i've posted in the wrong section
  2. Stewart

    Stewart Member

    I would try having the gear cables/linkage aligned correctly first. However, bad first/reverse selection is usually an indication of this.

    Having thought about it, it sounds like the baulk rings (synchro rings) are mashed, not allowing gear selection when the mainshaft is spinning (I.E Engine running).

    2k is very steep though, an independent GB specialist should be charging around £600 for a rebuild including main bearings.
  3. TerryTibbs

    TerryTibbs New Member

    i thought it could be the synchro too - got to get back on the phone again then!
    thanks for the reply!

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