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  1. oldlaw

    oldlaw Member

    Thinking of buying this from a stealer. Anybody know the history?
  2. Yaks

    Yaks Member

    That was mine, I owned it from new.

    The mileage quoted on the Audi website is incorrect, if you haven't been to see it, then it is only about 6500 ( they have got mixed up with the car I bought from them - I had a private plate and they've done the DVLA check after the plate has transferred to the car I bought ). I told them that over 2 weeks ago, but see they haven't changed it yet.

    It has adaptive lights which they've missed.

    It doesn't have folding door mirrors ( unless I never knew I had them ! )

    Wheels were painted the Black Edition colour by Edinburgh Audi when new. One of them had chipped, not sure if selling garage has fixed that.

    No crashes, or dings, no bodywork or paintwork fixes done to it. The s-tronic was fantastic, really miss it.

    Driven reasonably sympathetically, no "0-60 launches".

    Why you looking to change when you already have a MY10 S3 ?

    I'll PM you some more info that may interest you

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