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Niggly faults with friends TT

speedfreek Dec 28, 2009

  1. speedfreek

    speedfreek Member

    Hi all,

    My friend has an 02 TT quattro (225) and he has a couple of niggly faults.

    First up is the water temp gauge rests on 40degC ish rather than on zero - is this a sensor fault? If so, what is most likely?

    Secondly, his passenger window switch has failed - do you know the part number for this and is it an easy fix?

    Thanks in advance all!

  2. markyp2002

    markyp2002 Member

    The temp gauge you may find is the instrument panel playing up, its common on TT's, my '02 TT 225 has a similar issue except the temp gauge sits at 95degC permanently when the car is switched on! Expensive to replace them, ive been quoted around £400-600!

    As for the window switch, if you go to an Audi dealer, they will find the part number for you!
  3. TT Spares

    TT Spares .com

    The dash can be repaired for about £160 think company is called cluster repairs (Google it) my firend had it done on his TT and the refurbed the whole thing and he was very happy with it.

    I normally have things like the window switches in stock but coincidentally sold the last one yesterday :-(


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