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Nice roads in Dorset

batwad Dec 18, 2006

  1. batwad

    batwad Member

    I'm going away with some friends for New Year to the sunny paradise that is ... Dorset :lmfao:

    We're staying in a cottage in a tiny village called Shipton Gorge near Bridport which is all the way over in West Dorset near the border with Devon.

    I can't wait to get down there and have a good blast in the A3. I was wondering if anyone's got any local knowledge and could recommend some good roads. I've got to go Poole one day so anything along that stretch would be a great opportunity for :yes:
  2. Bascule

    Bascule Member

    Dorset / New Forest / Devon - the problem is not the roads, theres a lot which are good. Its the trucks, and the tractors, and the horseboxes, and the old grannies, and the f$%^ing ramblers, and those who feel that 15mph is the only appropriate speed for a country road, and those who stop to take a picture of the horse theyve just spotted and 100yards further along do the same again, and the old couple looking for a layby to put their picnic table up in, and the articulated roadtrains on their way to cornwall, and the deer/sheep/ponies that like to lumber in to your path, and the trees that collapse across the road like a dying swan whenever there's a gust..

    but most of all, bl***y roadworks. The local Authorities actually have a team who look for the good roads, the fun roads, the ones which flow and sweep, and being that this team is called 'the excitement police' they then prioritise those roads to recieve all their constructional goodness.

    I sat for many miles along the A35 this morning, crawling along at just under 30, despite it being 6.20am, crippled by several features of the above list! Right, rant over, yes Im having a grumpy day. Welcome to the region, but I think its fair to say that you'll just have to go exploring, one hand on the gearstick ready to pass some of the idiots and actually make those roads work for you! get it right and there are definately some good ones.. just watch for animals!

    I like the coast road from Bridport to Abbotsbury..

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