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NHN Does it Again!

reepers Apr 19, 2012

  1. reepers

    reepers Member

    Nigel was very kind to sort out my Rear SB lights for me whilst he was in the area, and my gosh i have never seen such a professional, commited guy! His expertise is next level!

    Any speedbumps that we hit, were ovecome very quickly and smoothly! :D

    Words cannot start to explain how i feel right now, and this minor mod has really set the car off!

    Nathan (N8) - is such a cracking guy also, and his detailing skills are not just good, but f******g good!

    And the car after a good working:



    After the lights were sorted, Nigel was sat in the car with his Vagcom plugged in, and there was 2 things that had been annoying me for a while now.

    One was the RNSe - the eject button has never worked since i had it, Straight away Nige had a brief idea as to what the problem was without even opening it! So he took it all apart and suprise suprise, the exact thing he said it would be, wasnt even plugged into the RNSe! Reassebled it, back to the car, HOLY **** I HAVE A WORKING EJECT BUTTON!

    The next problem was the rear parking sensor which keeps playing up, Nige was under the car without question and had a fiddle, and would you look at that, its not played up :D

    Both N8 and NHN are both cracking guys to be around, and BOTH their skills and expertise have been greatly appreciated tonight! Cheers for all your help tonight guys, and i know where ill be sending my mates ;)
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  2. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    It was a pleasure meeting you today ish, this forum is very rewarding when you met other friendly & polite forum members. If you need anything else you know where we are :wub:
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