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Next generation instruments

Simonrich Jan 7, 2014

  1. Simonrich

    Simonrich New Member

    Audi has given its first official preview of some of the tech that will grace its all-new, third generation TT, which is due to debut later this year.
    At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Audi CEO, Rupert Stadler, gave a keynote address, which revealed the new TT’s 12.3-inch, high-resolution TFT instruments.
    Called the Audi virtual cockpit, the tech first debuted in the Quattro concept, but has now been confirmed for the new TT range.
    The display operates in two modes, toggled by pressing the ‘view’ button on the steering wheel.
    In Infotainment mode, a central window shows the sat-nav map, or lists your phone contacts or radio stations, while the tachometer and speedometer are minimised out to the right and left-hand sides.
    In the Classic view, the middle window is smaller, and the instruments – with black scales, red needles and white numerals – are about as large as those fitted to today’s Audis.
    Stadler added: “The display is customised for each driver. It automatically presents the most relevant information, depending on whether you are parking or stuck in a traffic jam.
    Information is easy to locate, speech functions are optimised and system performance is outstanding. The future is almost here.”

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