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Next Generation Audi S3, 2013?

Louay Nov 17, 2009

  1. Louay

    Louay Well-Known Member

    I know it's a while away from now, but i always like to plan for the future!

    It seems to be that with both previous generation models (type 8L & 8P) the S3 variant is introduced 3 years on from the initial roll out of the A3. Why is this?

    Assuming, for arguments sake, we see the next generation A3 released late next year, will we have to wait 3 years, as the past models would suggest, for the next generation S3 to appear on the market? If so what will happen to the current 8P S3 and S3 sportback? will production come to a stop like it did with the last RS4?

    Lastly, how long is it normally before Audi decide to give the next generation S3 (the one i want) a facelift like they did with both previous models? Some clear and accurate views with knowledge would be very much appreciated.



  2. navnayyar

    navnayyar Member

    more interesting, what the rs3 will look like? if its anything like the tdi clubsport then thats the bomb or if audi even release the tdi clubsport to comepte with bmws 2.0d biturbo engine. Hopefully next summer looks like a good time for release of one of these
  3. Jamiekip

    Jamiekip Member

    The 8P A3 was launched in 2002 and the S3 came in at the very end of 2006.
    I think Audi saw the 3.2v6 filling the old S3's boots....
    Going off the launches of other Audi models, the S cars appear to follow very quickly after launch, so maybe on the next A3 we'd see an S3 after 12 maybe 18 months, so some time in 2012 would be a fiar assumption.
    As for the facelift... god knows, depends how popular it is I guess. If it's a top seller they probably won't see the need to change it quickly. If it is struggling a refresh maybe pulled forward in the lifecycle.

    All assumption though mate, only Audi will know the product strategy right now
  4. S3Alex

    S3Alex Rarely neutral Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi S3 DSG

    There's plenty of Photoshopped ideas of what an RS3 may look like,if Audi ever get round to releasing one.

    At the rate that's happening,it makes good sense to keep the S3.
  5. Louay

    Louay Well-Known Member

    thanks Jamie for your thoughts.


    First Generation 8L released 1996. 1st ever S3 released 1999, facelifted in 2001 with more added power and cosmetic enhancements.

    Second Generation 8P released 2003. S3 released 2006, facelifted in 2008 for both A3 and S3 (mainly cosmetic for the S3 LED DRL's, nose job, front splitter, magnetic ride and of course sportback for the S3).

    Is there some trend here, specific to Audi A3 having such an extensive choice of engines? When the A5 was released in 2007 so was the S5 at exactly the same time?

    Any more offers anyone? Really nerdy stuff here lol lol Anyone from Audi wishing to comment


  6. GConn

    GConn Member

    How about the TT 225 and and the TTS? Were these also released 3 years after the normal model was launched?
  7. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Its obviously not gospel but my mate at the dealers reckons it'll be 2011 before the next A3 is in the UK. I was wondering whether I should go to a facelift 8P in another years time when mine is 3 years old but I'd rather hang on a bit longer for the all new car and see what thats like.

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