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Newly rebuilt ported k04 with uprated actuator

slowcoach3 Sep 29, 2013

  1. slowcoach3

    slowcoach3 Active Member

    I have my Beach buggy turbos k04 up for sale as I accidentally bought a hybrid. Its done 1.5k miles of which about 600 was on actuator pressure as I was running in a bottom end build.

    The turbo was fully rebuilt by Dan at Black widow/Beach buggy turbos with new bearings, seals and everything else associated with a full refurb. At the same time the turbo was ported to allow plenty more flow and for good measure it also has an uprated actuator which helps a lot. The turbo was built to flow more and produce more than a standard k04 with the correct set up and supporting mods.
    Price is 350 with uprated actuator
    300 with a standard oem actuator
    Also have some Audi s3 225 injectors for 70 delivered or I will obviously do a healthy deal on the lot.
    Any more details either contact me on here or on 07955 869945
  2. andy1

    andy1 Member

    Still for sale mate ?

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