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Newish Audi/VAG Specialist in North Lanarkshire.

A19quattro May 23, 2013

  1. A19quattro

    A19quattro Active Member

    There is another thread on here about specialists in Central Scotland but I didn't want to hyjack that as it's a different theme but just wanted to let people know about a new one I have used a few times now and despite not being easily impressed, I am very impressed.
    Who I am talking about is; VAG Auto Technicians Ltd at Newmains near Wishaw in North Lanarkshire (Tel; 01698 382800) and like I say having used them a few times now, I have nothing but praise for their work and attitude.
    Contact Details are here; Garage Services and Car Servicing in Newmains, Wishaw, specialist in German makes

    They are based in the old for those who may remember it, now much spruced up "Dougans" (old VAG Specialist) premises on Westwood Road, with a new MOT bay and ramp just been installed. So it is run by 2 VAG enthusiasts, Jim and Harry, highlighted by several Mk1 and 2 Golfs being about. Their knowledge is excellent on both old and new stuff and they are pretty much happy to tackle anything, Vags, diagnostics, other makes, just MOTs etc. Their customer service is excellent, they are honest and very good at keeping you up to date with how work is progressing and costs but they don't charge and arm and leg either, so ideal if you are on a budget, who isn't!
    I have no connection to them family, financial or otherwise, this is just for information and thought it was worth spreading the word to other enthusiasts about about a couple of honest VAG mechanics, which let's face it is not that easy to find nowodays.
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  2. Aly

    Aly Active Member

    Cheers for the heads up.. Funny I was in Wishaw at the weekend! In-Laws are in Hamilton so not too far out... I'll certainly give them a bash! :thumbup:

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