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newbieand advice please

Millie May 4, 2011

  1. Millie

    Millie New Member


    I will be picking up my first Audi in just over a weeks time , RS4 B5 Misano Red, I have brought it from Nick J's and was really pleased with the service provided and deal that we were able to come to.

    It has H&R coil overs and MTM upgarde to 420, she drove tight and I was surprised over different road surfaces just how good the coilovers were . I have for many years been an impreza driver and slowly moved away from my car being a daily driver. I have a 22B now and hopefully it will on the road by July to get to some shows, over the last 2 and half years I have been slowly working on the car along with the guys at the garage where it has been.

    I have driven a volvo V70 for the last 4 years , its a great car in fact , slow yes but a good car . However I have always loved the B5 RS but never thought i would like estates , having the volvo I realise how practical an estate is and for me I have always thought the B5 to one of the best looking cars of the modern era.

    Advice Please

    I have no plans for bhp increase but the three potential mods are exhaust, perhaps only cat back , keeping standard down pipe , brake conversion and finally wheels.

    The wheels on the car have been refurbished , acid dipped and powered coated so look like new and there is good 7 mm of traed across the tyers any idea what these may be worth ? i accept this is not a question I should ask but I have no idea of the value and possible market for them.

    I have seen a wheel that I would like on the car , VMR V710 they come in 18" and 19" but I feel the 18's would better suit the ride and handling, wheel details being :-

    18 x 8.5 PCD 5 x 112 or 5 x 120 offsets 35 / 45 or 20 / 35 respectively and finally 57.1 / 66.6 or 72.6

    I am no expert on these things , what is the standard wheel ? I had thought about running a wheel spacer even on standard wheels to bring them out to the arch's , think this would be 10MM either side , would the above wheel need a bigger or smaller spacer ?

    Brakes , on the test drive the brakes did feel good , they are fairly new , however I may have an option of getting my hands on a set of B7 RS4 / RS6 brakes . not sure which they are at this moment in time , are these worth having ?

    Finally , exhaust advice , of course being a scooby fan the flat four is so distinctive and if possible I would like the exhaust note to have a bit more that what it appers to be standard. Any suggestions , I have listened to you tube clips but none seem that clear but i see a number of people have miltek systems.

    I would apprecaite any advice / comments / opinions

    also posted on other audi sites.


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